Diabetes : A Self-Help Solution

Ph D Jacob Swilling

Diabetes is a topic about which much has been written. The epidemic of this debilitating and life-threatening disease is putting increasing numbers of people at risk. Yet there are many tools available for its prevention, early detection, and treatment. Many people, however, are unaware of the impact of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle in creating the conditions for this disease to grow, undetected, until its symptoms manifest as debilitating conditions. By then--most doctors tell their patients--the disease is irreversable, and can be treated only through injections of insulin and taking other medications. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Jacob Swilling presents compelling evidence that other factors involving blood sugar control, pH (acid/alkaline) balance, and HCL (hydrochloric acid), can provide significant contributions in leading toward a solution to this crippling epidemic. Moreover, he reveals startling information about the dangerous side effects of injections of insulin.Dr. Swilling has been studying the connections between diet and chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases for over twenty-five years. Through his research and work with thousands of patients, he has developed advanced understandings of how toxic imbalances can be corrected through nutrition, supplementation, and non-invasive technologies. He is internationally known for his work in the field of biological medicine, which he has developed into a working model known as the KYO Self-Help Support Program. This book contains the essence of his dietary recommendations for that program.