Knowing the Father

Carl E Zahrte

For years Miriam felt emptiness in her heart. Growing up when Jesus lived, this Jewish girl never knew who her father was. She suffered added grief at age twelve through the sudden death of her mother. But her mother had taught her to trust in the Almighty, and she found comfort with her uncle and aunt who became her loving guardians at their inn on the road to Jericho. As an attractive teenager she and her cousin Gideon experience fond feelings for one another. However, its Adam, a Jewish mercenary serving Roman soldiers, with whom she falls in love. After they marry and she becomes pregnant, Adam is killed by ruthless King Herod Agrippa. In despair, Miriam tries to kill a leader of the apostles, but a man stops her and she hisses at him, Who do you think you are? She almost faints when he replies, I am your father. A caring pastor who wants people to know that God loves them, even if they may suffer one trial after another, Carl Zahrte knows how to listen and offer comfort and hope. His many years of preaching, counseling, and ministering to people who are hurt when life seems unfair provide experience on which he draws in telling the story of Miriam, the heroine of Knowing the Father. A loving husband, father and grandfather, he can relate to the issues of everyday life and knows how to apply the teachings of the Bible so that his hearers, readers, and all whom he serves can ind strength and joy through faith in Jesus Christ.