The Popular Life : The Bundle Book

S B Robinson, Illustrated by Karmen Harrison

Enter the lives of the most popular 8th graders youll ever read about. This book contains all three stories from the Popular Life series including My Popular Life, My Formerly Popular Life and My Not So Popular Life. Take a journey through love, confusion, and just plain drama. Part I: My Popular Life - Elia Richards is beautiful, smart, and more importantly - popular. But so many things are changing in Elias life. Her best friend Noelle is moving, her boyfriend Blake is becoming a bigger jerk by the day, and she has a secret well worth keeping. Will she ever survive popularity in her final year of middle school? Not if Kara Stephens has anything to do with it. Kara will go out of her way to sabotage Elias name and take away her popularity. Will Kara be successful? Part II: My Formerly Popular Life - Victoria Springwell has waited all of her middle school life to be the most popular girl in school, and her time has finally come. Unfortunately the key to her popularity, her boyfriend Blake, seems to still be in love with his ex. Can Victoria hold on to Blake and her popularity or will she go back to being Icky Vicky, the girl with the bad rep? Part III: My Not So Popular Life - Up and coming star Noelle Santiago was content with her new found stardom. But when her show is cancelled before it sees its second season, her life is turned upside down. She leaves her exciting life as an actress to return home to Isaacburg, Virginia to find her best friend is now best friends with her arch enemy, Icky Vicky Springwell.